Do you have an air conditioner that is not properly working? Perhaps it is not turning on, or blowing out cold air. The primary purpose of this machine is to keep the room temperature had a lower level, especially during the hot summer months. When they fail to work, this can cause many problems for people. If you don’t know how to fix it, you could be stuck in a very hot home or office for many days. You could call a professional to come out to do the repairs for you, but there are a few things that you can check on your own before you request aircon service deals of this type.

Does It Have Any Coolant?

Coolant or refrigerant is a substance that is in air conditioners which is how the cold air is able to be blown out of the unit. Whether you are working with a window model, or one that provides cold air for your entire home or office, if it doesn’t have any coolant, it’s not going to work. You should be able to find the reservoir where this is located. You can simply add the proper coolant to get things running again. If that is not the problem, then it’s likely something mechanical. A very common issue is a fan that is not working.

Is The Fan Broken?

You will know if the fan is not working because you will not feel any air coming out of the AC unit. This could be a burned out motor that is causing the problem, or the belts around the unit are not tight enough to make it turn. Sometimes the belt can snap, and it will have to be replaced. This is a job that is typically very difficult for the average person because they will not have the tools to get inside of the air-conditioner. However, it’s a very simple problem to fix, one that can be resolved in under an hour, if you decide to work with a professional company.

Circuit Breaker Tripped

If your air conditioning unit suddenly stops working, it could be an overload. If you have had it running for several hours, it is possible the circuit breaker has been tripped and it just needs to be reset. This is probably the easiest problem you will ever deal with within AC unit. It’s a simple matter of resetting the breaker, and it will be running once again.

These are just a few of the most common problems that an air conditioning unit is going to have. It may take you a few minutes to figure out what is wrong, but you should be able to figure out what needs to be repaired. If you can’t do this on your own, there are always singapore ac servicing companies that can help you. You can contact several of them and see which ones offer emergency services. In no time at all, yours will be up and running, allowing you to experience cool air in your office or home once again.