The combination of hardener and resin materials makes a one of a kind glossy floor finish that is in high demand in the global market. Usually epoxy flooring Malaysia is installed in shops, hotels, and malls where customers and guest can appreciate its beauty. Today, even houses have already adapted using epoxy flooring because it is very durable compared to other floor finishes that can easily deteriorate. Here are some things you need to know about epoxy flooring Malaysia, and why you should think of having installed in your home and office.

The Installation

When talking about reducing the maintenance cost of the flooring, one of the known installations is the epoxy flooring. This is commonly used in offices, factories, commercial buildings, hotel, shops, and warehouses. Before the installer can put an epoxy flooring materials on the surface of the floor for the beautiful finish look, they ensured that the floor is already clean and it should be a bit rough so that it can effectively adherent to the surface. When this process is done, the paint coat will be put on to in order to give it a shiny finish, but it will need many hours for drying after the paint coat is placed. The epoxy flooring Malaysia allows one’s creativity to have a 3D or exotic illusion on the floor surface where you can have options for art.


Advantages Of Epoxy Flooring In Malaysia

According to Miracon, epoxy flooring is long-lasting and durable finish on the floor. No matter how crowded the place or the load force on the floor, it will not matter to the epoxy flooring and it can last for so many years. It is enough reasons why many commercial establishments are using epoxy flooring on the floor surface. Compared with the dull and normal cement floor, the epoxy flooring have the glossy finish that brightens the room. Other floor installations like tiles and marbles could not even beat the amazing effect and affordability of epoxy flooring installations. For one, with epoxy flooring, cleaning the floor is easier because epoxy is highly resistant to any chemicals. This will make the stains or oils that are spilled on the floor to not stick to the surface with an epoxy flooring finish. With simple wiping of the spills, it will be cleaned and will not leave any traces.


Epoxy Flooring In Houses

Today, many of the homeowners are installing the epoxy flooring on the floor because of its amazing benefits. This will save their resources on maintenance because they will no longer need to have stain remover on stubborn dirt and stains when cleaning the floor, just like when they have when the floor is installed with tiled flooring. Aside from that, it will also add an aesthetic look to the floor. If you are an art lover, there are also many more options you can select for the colors and designs of the floor surface compared to marble or tile flooring installations.